Neck & Back Pain Treatment
in The Woodlands Since 2009


It all started when...

Spine Surgery Specialist of The Woodlands was established in 2009 by Dr. Imran Fayaz, originally from Ontario, Canada. Dr. Fayaz has been in practice for twenty years, practicing in The Woodlands since 2005.

Dr. Fayaz specializes in general neurosurgery, treatment of brain tumors, cerebral aneurysms, spinal disorders, surgical management of degenerative, neoplastic & traumatic disorders of the spine and fusion & instrumentation of the cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine.


Dr. Fayaz is a communicator, both with his patients and with the referring physicians. He believes that his patients deserve an accurate diagnosis and a realistic treatment and recovery plan. The majority of patients presenting to a neurosurgeon can be managed conservatively and non-surgically. For this to be determined accurately, however, a thorough clinical and diagnostic assessment must be performed.

The primary objective is to understand the patient’s symptoms and signs in the context of a comprehensive diagnosis, to then lay the groundwork for treatment. The patient needs to know all the options for treatment, both surgically and non-surgically. This requires a partnership with a team of other healthcare providers, including Neurologists, Pain Management Specialists, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists, and Therapists.