Tips to Keep Exercise a Part of Your Daily Routine


We all know that exercise is good for us and can prevent a variety of diseases and ailments as well alleviate stress and boost our confidence by helping us look good. The problem that most people have is finding the time to actually fit exercise into their schedules. Here are a few tips to sneak in extra movement!

  • Get up earlier. We won’t argue that sleep is absolutely necessary for overall good health, but getting up 30 minutes earlier is an easy way to add in time to get a daily workout. Not only does it boost your metabolism and regulate your appetite, but you’ll also feel better knowing you can check that off your list before your day even gets started.

  • Make the most of commercial breaks. Watching television is a way of life for many Americans. Instead of passively letting them run, try and incorporate some physical activity during commercials. Jumping jacks, lunges, squats, and push ups are great exercises you can do right there in your living room without any equipment. Take it a step further and jog in place during your show.

  • Socialize while you exercise. Join a running group or Zumba class to meet new people. Don’t get to see old friends very often? Schedule regular walks in the park or train for a 5k together. Use that time to catch up and reconnect. Better yet, schedule date night at a rock climbing gym instead of the old dinner and a movie standby.

  • Make cleaning a sport. Rather than grumble to yourself about doing chores, see how fast you can complete your list. Set a timer and get started! Have a two-story house? Alternate between upstairs and downstairs so you are always going up and down the stairs. Do lunges while dusting and squats while mopping.

  • Put it on the calendar. You wouldn’t skip your child’s ballet recital or dentist appointment would you? Staying healthy is just as important. Schedule your workout just like you would anything else. Hire a personal trainer so your workout is on both of your calendars and they can hold you accountable.

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