Golfing & Back Pain


One of the most common complaints and injuries experienced by both amateur and professional golfers is lower back pain. In order to repeatedly bend and twist to hit the ball, the body must generate a lot of torque and this is incredibly stressful to your spine and lower back. It’s just not a natural movement for the body. Unfortunately, many golfers also have weak back and abdominal muscles with tight hips, which can add to the body’s discomfort.

The best way to prevent injury and keep your back pain-free is to get in shape. Increasing your cardiovascular endurance, strengthening your abdominal, back, and shoulder muscles, and consistently stretching all help condition your body to the stress endured while playing golf. It also helps to regularly perform balance exercises to help you develop a smooth, coordinated swing.

Improving your technique is another way you can keep your back healthy and your scores low! Invest in lessons or a swing analysis from a golf pro. Sometimes a simple change in form makes all the difference in improving your swing and easing the stress on your body. Posture is critical and having someone else watch you is a great way to judge if you are bending correctly or hunching over the ball.

To help avoid the spinal compression that comes with lugging your clubs on your back for four or more hours, try using a pull cart instead of carrying your clubs.

If you do by chance hurt your back, you should immediately put ice on it for approximately 15 minutes to reduce any inflammation. Schedule an appointment to see Dr. Fayaz if you are still in pain afterwards. He can advise you on how to reduce the pain and will let you know when it’s safe to get back on the course.

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